New genus and species of freshwater fish from Western Ghats

A new genus and species of freshwater fish from the Western Ghats was described on the 30th June issue of Zootaxa. This work forms part of the PhD thesis of Unmesh Katwate. read more →

First paper linking Covid-19 to loss of freshwater biodiversity

Rajeev Raghavan co-authored a recent paper in ‘Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems’ discussing the potential role of Covid-19 and loss of freshwater biodiversity. read more →

Back to chasing fish!

Lab folks have begun to chase fish after a long break due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Our first field surveys were carried out in the Chalakudy River. read more →

First record of the Mayan Cichlid in South Asia

Rajeev Raghavan co-authored a paper which documented for the first time the Mayan cichlid, Mayaheros urophthalmus in natural waters of Southern Asia. The paper published in Journal of Applied Ichthyology discusses the occurrence of this species in Kerala, India and its potential impacts on native species and the ecosystem. read more →

World Oceans Day Webinar

Dr. Rajeev Raghavan participated as an observer for Voyo (Voice of Youth for Oceans), a webinar organized by the Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala in conjunction with the World Oceans Day. read more →

Tangled Bank – Webinar Series

Dr. Rajeev Raghavan delivered a webinar on ‘fishes of the Western Ghats’ in Tangled Bank Webinar series, organized by the Department of Botany, Central University of Punjab. The full talk can be accessed here: read more →